Exist Integrations

Exist is an amazing service that collects data from numerous services into your Exist Dashboard. With the Exist Dashboard you can understand your behavior like how the weather could impact your weight, or if your steps affect your mood.

Exist Integrations extends the value you can get from Exist by connecting additional data sources that aren't directly supported by Exist.

Exist Integrations works with:

WhatPulse Logo
WhatPulse measures your computer usage through keyboard/mouse usage, bandwidth, and uptime. This data is available through their API so it can be mapped to Exist attributes and populated through Exist Integrations.
Trakt Logo
Trakt is a platform that keeps track of the TV shows and movies you watch. Your watch history can be pulled through their API and mapped to total media time attributes on Exist through Exist Integrations
You Need a Budget (YNAB) categorizes your money input/output into monthly budgets. Your transaction totals can be pulled into financial attributes on Exist through Exist Integrations.
Toggl Track Logo
Toggl Track is a simple and powerful time tracking tool so you can understand how you spend your time. Time entries within projects can be pulled into various attributes on Exist through Exist Integrations.

More integrations and improvements are always being worked on!

Register today! Exist Integrations is a completely free service.

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